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Live Iliac Vein Duplex Course - Brian Sapp, RVT, RPhS

Registered Vascular Solutions, Inc. and Brian Sapp, RVT, RPhS is proud to announce a LIVE iliac vein course.  Scan patients with iliac vein compression, iliac stents, pelvic congestion, NutCracker, abnormal anatomy, and known pathology.  Experience all of this while learning how to become efficient and acurate. 

Our iliac vein duplex protocol is acurate, tested and will change the way you understand venous hemodynamics. The last set of correlations (with an outside facility) Registered Vascular Solutions, Inc. and had a 94% correlation with IVUS.  

Attendance is limited to 9 slots at a time. We utilize Philips Affinity and Epic systems, however will try to accomodate those who use other systems.

There will be live models with and without pathology.  Each attendee will be given a scorecard based giving direct feedback on the quality of scans the attendee produced. The course is two days long and will be held several times during each quarter. The first day will include lecture, theory and detailed demonstration of the iliac vein protocol, pitfalls and tricks to enhance the quality of the exam. This will be done on models with or without pathology.

The second day includes basic, advanced and unique vein models and all scanning will be by attendees. All attendees are required to sign a HIPPA compliance form to not share the identity of the models or any of the course content.  Classes are limited and are expected to fill rapidly. 

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Left Great saphenous vein reflux
Left GSV Reflux

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Ultrasound of the internal carotid artery with 2 kinks
two kinks in the internal carotid artery
Our company was founded on the premise that vascular ultrasound is a science and an art form. Our mission is to assist individual sonographers, hospitals and independent imaging centers in the areas of image quality, accreditation, and market awareness. We provide the highest quality in vascular hands on education. Each of our instructors teach based on evidence based medicine, utilize cutting edge technology and the teach using proper protocols that effect imaging quality. Each of our team leaders manages a vascular laboratory or laboratories. We welcome you to our site and look forward to assisting you and your staff.



Through our ability to offer CME education courses at your facility, we are able to customize the program to meet the needs of your sonographers and physician staff. Whether it be venous insufficiency, cerebral duplex ,renal artery duplex, mesenteric artery duplex, physiologic testing or any other aspect of vascular lab testing or management we have you covered. Our track record is stellar and so are our results.
Performing on-site training: Reduces cost, maintains revenue streams, and provides global skill advancement. 
To train at your facility, with your equipment while performing exams with your physicians input is invaluable. This revenue often pays for the training itself. 
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