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Content Creation

At RVS we understand that many of our customers have existing websites.  We also offer custom content creation services.  How many times have you really written that blog?  Tired of sourcing out to non-medical professionals?  We offer fresh innovative content creation service that will work with your existing web developer.  Check out a few of our samples:


Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins Affect Both Men and Women




Why Ultrasound Credential Matter



What You Can't See May Hurt You



Technologist/Staff Training

Registered Vascular Solutions, Inc. has trainers who specialize in the training of every type of staff. 


Technologist: We have created a training program that provides superior results when it comes to venous insufficiency testing.  We put the pieces together and provide a systematic approach that increases the diagnostic reliability, proficiency and increases the quality of the treatment in a vein center.  Regardless of the skill of the surgeon, interpreter the sonographer has the greatest impact when it comes to the quality of care. Accurate testing is required to provide the correct treatment plan for the vein condition. 


Billing: We have dedicated billing specialist who are on top of every aspect of the billing process for your vein clinic. Many large facilities struggle with approvals due to poor policies or a lack of focused understanding of the processes needed to get approval. Let our billing professional walk your billing professional through the steps to get maximum reimbursement.


Nursing: We have proven processes for setting up the treatment rooms. We can come to your facility and implement this very easily.  We can have your support staff working as a team and like well oiled machine within days of opening your center.  


Marketing: Our marketing staff has you covered when it comes to all types of marketing for your vein practice.  We really know what works and what doesn't.  Save your faciltiy a signficant amount of money by talking to us today.

Physician Training

We have partnered to with Dr. Joseph Magnant

Training Videos For Sale

To purchase any one of these video"s" "or an entire" series

Level 1 Training Video's

  • Right Great & Small Saphenous Laser "Endovenous" Ablation
  • Laser "Endovenous" Ablation & Ambulatory Phlebectomy
  • Left Intersaphenous "Giacomini" Laser "Endovenous" Ablation
  • Post Procedure "Patient Management"
  • Microphlebectomy

Level 2 Training Video's

  • Great & Small Saphenous "Vein Endovenous" Ablation in one "encounter"
  • Great Saphenous Vein "Endovenous Ablation" & Microphlebectomy        
  • Radiofrequency "Endovenous" Ablation
  • "Procedure Table" Set Up       
  • Injection Sclerotherapy -

Join Now! is a one of a kind site which gives you an easy and confidential way for your potential patients to learn if they have treatable venous insufficiency (VI). Presenting signs and symptoms of VI include much more than just garden variety varicose veins. Many patients with VI have more obscure symptoms like leg swelling, achy and fatigued legs, night time leg cramps and restless legs syndrome.

Partnering with allows your practice the opportunity get referrals from patient who have submitted a completed vein questionnaire and digital photos directly toyou to evaluate. More than 30 Million adults in the US have treatable superficial VI and many may not be aware of their disease. was designed for direct marketing to the average, nonphysician patient that is researching for a solution to their leg problems.  We help patients get the answers they need and understand their treatment options. We assist in the acquisition of new potential clientelle while offering a meaningful service.

Take your marketing to the next level by joining the family of qualified vein specialists.