Skill Evaluation

The truth of the matter is administrators don't know who to hire or what makes a good sonographer. Registry, while important is only the beginning to finding the right solution to your facilities needs.


At Registered Vascular Solutions, Inc. we have the experience to evaluate talent, abilities and drive. Don't leave it to chance, have a professional evaluate your staff's skill level. We evaluate technologist during every training we perform. Our stellar reputation is in part due to our ability to pull talent out of individuals.



Having Retention Issues?

With almost two decades of managing our own vascular labs, educating and consulting we have seen our share of bad apples. The problem is most facilities do not recognize them from within. Having a third party provide an unbiased assessment can be invaluable to an organization.


At RVS we can assist with retention issues  and provide you with the information to make sound decisions. Health care is changing and your faciltiy can not afford to let one or two apples ruin you ability to keep quality employees. From behavior, vascular lab, or resource management to current pay scale evaluation we have you covered.